JUNE 22nd & 23rd, 2019


the climactic battle of the final invasion of
NJ was fought in Springfield. Approx. 6,000
Crown forces under Gen. Knyphausen attacked from Staten Island, NY, via Elizabethtown, NJ, attempting to seize the Hobart 
Gap in the Watchung Mts. and then Morristown. He was stopped by Gen. Greene with a force of approx. 2,000 Continentals and New Jersey Militia. Join us June 22nd and 23rd to see our interpretation of that historic encounter! 

The Township of Springfield will secure the 10 acre Miesel Park from Union County. (The motto of Union Co. is “Give’em Watts, Boys!”) This was the site of the exciting and highly successful Bicentennial Battle in 1980 and the 350th Anniversary of Elizabethtown Battle of Springfield in 2014. It offers the river, woods, a pond, and newly landscaped open grass fields.


The encampment will be on the adjacent grounds of Jonathan Dayton High School. This was the site of
the 1994 BAR Encampment which celebrated the town’s Bicentennial. This site allows for excellent logistical support, including showers, 250 parking spaces, as well as a convenience store and numerous dining options across the street.


Both the Tactical Weapons Demonstration area in Miesel Park and the encampment area behind JDHS are on the southern flank of the actual battlefield area and a few blocks from the historic First Presbyterian Church and Cannonball House. This is an area filled with history!